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Assignment 1....for I and K Division I Sem BLDEAs Engineering College, Vijayapur.....

 Write the same and submit.....

If you have PC , practice.....otherwise no need... Good day.... C program to print Hello World message on monitor(screen) (2 m) #include<stdio.h> void main() { clrscr(); printf("Hello World"); getch(); } Filename: p1.c Output: Hello World C program to find addition of two integers. (8 m) #include<stdio.h> void main() { int n1,n2,ans; clrscr(); printf("Enter two integers"); scanf("%d%d",&n1,&n2); ans=n1+n2; printf("\nAddition is %d",ans); getch(); } File name: p2.c Output: Enter two integers 7 3 [Enter] Addition is 10

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Tips to get jobs after the successful completion of Engineering Course OR How to well settle after Engineering course?

My dear students,

You are clever and intelligent, So, you clicked on this link.

Yes, definitely, you get success in your life and you are going to well settle in your life.

Do you know? Why have you taken admission for engineering course? Yes, you know it. i.e. to get TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE.

What do you do with TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE?

Yes, As we know all..

Technical Knowledge helps us to solve Technical Problems.

What happens? when we solve any problems of our parents, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors or societal members. As we know..Everyone will be happier because you solved their problems. In return you get appreciation. This appreciation is nothing but annual salary package for you from industry side.

I hope, now, you have understood that, to get appreciation or money, we need to solve problems of others. Until unless, we will not  solve the problems of others, we are not able to get appreciation and money.

Can you imagine today's life without money.. it is very difficult to imagine.

Now a day very difficult to survive without money.

How shall I earn money?

Complete the Engineering course with latest technical knowledge.

In interview, questions will be asked according to the requirement of a company.

If, you answer all questions in interview after clearing all previous rounds.

Then, you get job offer letter from an industry side.

They train you according to their need. 

Then, they assign some work to this yours job career begins...

Day by improve and yours experience increases...

then you start changing the jobs from one company to another company to get higher position with more salary....

So, as a fresher , do not worry about a salary...

As a fresher, you become familiar with many real time problems, challenges and solutions. In this way, your job career begins....

So, you have taken admission for engineering course in our esteemed Engineering college i.e. BLDEA's Vachana Pitamaha Dr. P. G. Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, Vijayapur. Karnataka.

What do we teach to you for 4 years in engineering course?

Yes, you know....

We give technical knowledge from very basics in first year of engineering course, 

then you enter into yours specialization branch. 

There, all teachers from yours domain , they teach you all subjects in 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year.

Each subject mastery is one JOB for you.

If, you use the gained knowledge collectively from all semesters from all 4 years then amazing contribution you can do the field of TECHNICAL. 

That's why, in the final year you present SEMINAR on latest technology and you do PROJECT WORK by utilizing the gained knowledge in previous semesters (years) 

The project work means , you need to take a latest technical problem from yours domain or area of interest and solve it.

To do the project work, one of the Professors will be guide for you...

You can do the project work alone or in a group....

So, kindly, frame the problem statement for your project work from the interested domain.

To do the project work.... you are doing literature survey (survey of already solved problems with their advantages and disadvantages, 

so, yours objective should be to reduce disadvantages or increase the advantages of already solved problem with a new technique, a method, an algorithm , latest technology, etc. 

Once, you solved the problem defined by you with the expected results. (Project work is over...You need to give demo (Presentation of PPT) on work did by you to domain experts with Project Report)

Like this,  you complete yours engineering course successfully.

So, you should not take tension in INTERNALS , LABORATORY and EXTERNALS.

Read all topics from Module-1 and Module-2 to gain knowledge...Not to face first IA. If you gain knowledge from Module 1 and Module 2 then definitely you do well in first IA.

Similarly, Module-3, Module-4(first half) for 2nd IA

Similarly, Module-4(second half), Module-5 for 3rd IA

Kindly, attend all IA's sincerely to verify your gained technical knowledge. If you are doing well in all IA's means...bright future is waiting for you...

Kindly, do not copy in internals or any examination....Please do not is wrong. It affects yours bright future and all your dependents will suffer from it.

Do not imitate like others, come with your own intelligence and take everything as a challenge in life...


Now, you are coming to college to gain technical knowledge and not to score marks. If you study well and gain knowledge then marks will flow automatically towards yours marks card.


First listen to teachers in class, read all recommended and reference books, GOOGLE for difficulties, ask all of us , solve previous years QPs.

This is what, yours parents expect from yours side. 

This one you should not FORGET. 

Yours parents are waiting for yours success since 21 years...

Really, yours parents patience of waiting 21 years for yours successfully completion of engineering course is not a joke.

In this way, you complete yours engineering course.

Then during INTERVIEW process of a company, 

N number of rounds will be there based on their requirements. 

Companies are already involved in solving technical problems of their customers that is, already they have customers with technical problems and customers are ready to pay huge amount of money to the company for solving their technical problems. 

So, they are in search of efficient engineering students ; those who are having latest technical knowledge. So that, they can utilize you for their company to solve the technical problems of their customers. So, yours interview and N number of rounds for selection process.


you need to be healthy first, 
you need to be smart in looking also, as we know to become a smart (good looking) we need to have a good thoughts.

You need to have a good communications skills in Hindi, Kannada and English. 

So, minimum we need to be perfect with TENSES with negative and interogative sentences knowledge, Direct and Indirect, Parts of Speech, Letter writing skills, etc. You need to be bold enough to face all types of problems. 

All yours skills will be utilized by the COMPANY to solve the problems of their customers.

 Yours intelligence and skills will be used by COMPANY in turn they pay you fair SALARY.

So, how shall I settle in my life?

Answer: Gain knowledge and apply to solve the technical problems from private sector or Govt. sector.
M stands for both marks and money

Marks and Money....helps us lot.

Kindly, write comments.............

Article By:

Prof. Chidanand S. Kusur
Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE
B.L.D.E.A's V. P. Dr. P. G. Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology,
Ashram Road, Vijayapur. Karnataka, India.
YouTube Channel: Chidanand Kusur

Note: Send feedback..write comments...It will encourage me to write some more articles....Thanking you...All the best...You have a bright future....

Yours success is yours parents success, brothers and sisters success, institute success, friends success and Nation's success.